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Farm to Table

What does Farm to Table mean to us?

It means doing business with local farmer, James Malco of Point Harbor. Mr. Malco has been supplying Kelly’s with fresh fruits and vegetables for over 30 years. Right now we are in the midst of blueberry season. There is no comparison between a store-bought blueberry and a sweet, plump, pop-in-your mouth Currituck blueberry from Malco’s farm.
In May, he supplied us with luscious strawberries fresh from the field. In season, you can pick your own; and according to Kipp Tabb over at The North Beach Sun:

“This year they seemed particularly good. So wonderfully red, bursting with juice and flavor that my daughter and I managed to pick 15 pounds of them before we even realized what we had.”

At Kelly’s recently, Chef Jamie added them to a rich lemon layer cake (lemons and blueberries are absolutely made for each other). She also suggested tossing blueberries in a salad with feta cheese, toasted almonds and a lemon vinaigrette. You can pick your own blueberries too. General Directions: Located 1/2 mile north of the Wright Memorial Bridge off US 158 (turn right at the second street after the bridge going towards Currituck). Call for times 251-491-8266.

James Malco

James Malco

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